Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Blue Heaven

Here are some shots from Key West! Mostly El, as she is a much better photographer with a proper camera. Here am I, with a rental bike.

A characteristic Old Town cottage.

A typical residence in Old Town. Can you imagine a better place to finish a book?

All the gingerbread on the old Cigar-makers' cottages in Old Town corresponded to the people within. Wonder what this meant!

How often do you get to shout "Tin ROOF! Rusted" in unison? Not enough. Am thinking of buying this place, obviously.

"Breakfast with the roosters" at Blue Heaven restaurant. Seriously, the wild chickens are everywhere!

Banana bread (with the roosters) at Blue Heaven!

Hemingway House!

A six-toed cat at the Hemingway House. They're everywhere: even on Hemingway's bed.

Hemingway's Study (I refuse to call him "Papa.")

The sunset is a Big Deal in KW. Every night, everyone congregates at some bar (with obligatory guitar-strumming dude) to drink cocktails and celebrate the end of another day. Despite this, there was a shocking lack of good sunset-overlooking bars. And the "tiki bar" we found had not the faintest hint of a paper umbrella! Still, very pretty.

Original Sponge Man!

This guy was in the garden of the Audubon House. The guide was very apologetic about the fact that Audubon had to shoot the birds in order to paint them, despite our reassurances that A) It was the 19th Century B) They were hardly endangered and C) It was for science. Made me worry about the caliber of the average tourist.

Pepe's, the oldest restaurant in Key West.

This is an Ibis we saw on our tropical fruit bike tour (in which, yes, we did sample several novel fruits growing wild. We were the only members of the tour. The guide played "My Way" on a conch shell.)

The Southernmost point in the USA!

I know E will forgive my running a pic of her, since it is so neat! This tree, needless to say, is ancient! If we ever release a quirky album that gets play on Trouble's FMU show, this will be the cover art.

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