Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Petite Sophisticate Goes to the Cinema

It's been a while since I walked out of a movie. But over the weekend, I did walk out on Sex and the City 2. It's not just that it was stupid (although it was), or boring (although it was.) I expected that. But the blithe amorality of the thing was actually offensive. I wish I could say that I walked out with icy dignity, but in fact I was enormously bratty: prostrating myself, rolling in the aisle, groaning, sighing audibly (don't worry, the place was so full of delighted guffawing that no one noticed), demanding a cigarette (no, I don't smoke) and staring accusingly at Slim who, having been forced to come, now didn't want to leave without seeing how they "represented the Abu Dhabi skyline." The rolling may seem excessive (not to mention unhygienic) but I assure you, it was totally involuntary, a manifestation of a physical discomfort the like of which I have not experienced since Garden State in 2004. (It was for this reason that I saw 500 Days of Summer alone and recused myself from Away We Go entirely.)

Just for the record, I liked Please Give. And Exit Through the Gift Shop.


NoraMKE said...

"The Girls" all want to go see this movie, and I find it so culturally offensive that I can't handle purchasing a ticket. Last time around I was willing because I knew it would just be stupid. Now I feel I have a moral obligation to not give them my money.

Any suggestions on how to bow out without being made to feel like an asshole? Or shall I just seek out new friends?

Sadie Stein Blog said...

Well, I will say that one episode of aisle-rolling generally means it's the last time you're asked! Maybe say you watched it! Pirated!

Lisa said...

Ha! I heart this review. I can't muster the courage to go see this movie. It looks atrocious, and from what you've written I think I'm completely convinced that it should be saved for a drunken "ironic" viewing amongst friends.

Also, it's nice to see that someone else in the world hated Garden State.

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