Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Gotta Give My Brother This...

"Living Thing" by ELO is a truly rad tune.

There's a new horseman of the gentrification apolocalypse in the hood: this artisanal pizzeria with seemingly imported staff. Yes, I have been three times.

I am absolutely loathing The Golden Notebook. Reads like bad Murdoch; so glad we're past the time when women had to prove their objectivity at every turn.

A friend thought he was having a heart attack this weekend. Wasn't, but I still visited him and we took a boat out and sang.

I have a new bike: Excelsior, the Sophisticate. She's purple. George who sold her said she's a honey also that the "helmet-wearing orthodoxy" is "self-undermining" the bike community by marginalizing the Euro-style cruiser. I couldn't say, really, but I'm inclined to agree.

In fact, this is a good blog altogether.

Let's see: music, lit...so far as art goes, I'm in phili-stein territory, as my mom would have had it. And, yes, it always got old.

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